The small yellow arrows you can see on the platforms of some stations are not targets. They don't indicate where you can stand to get on the car more quickly. Quite the contrary! The yellow lines indicate the boundary zone to keep clear in order to allow the easy departure of passengers already in the car getting off at your station.

Keeping a low-congestion area allows people to empty off the car more quickly, allowing you to get on board just as quickly and smoothly! 

It is totally unnecessary to board a car before the current occupants have disembarked! This only prevents people from easily getting off the car, and prevents the car from moving on quickly. In the same logic as in Step 1, if people come off the car faster, you can get on more quickly.

Once inside the car, be logical! If there's space farther down the car, don't stand just inside the door! By doing this, you block the entrance and prevent the flow of traffic!

The sooner people have gotten off and on the car, the sooner it will go ...and the quality of service will improve! 

If you witness other passengers violating Steps 1, 2 or 3, or any other act which makes your use of the STM network unpleasant, speak up! Explain politely that you must get off the car; if you can't, the other person won't be able to get on ...and say it all with a smile! 

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With a little effort we can all do our part to make our use of the Metro easy and more enjoyable!